Sacred Dream Circles

"We are unique selves; we live on a foundation of archetypal truth and in between lies a tribal, relational field where psyches intersect in a mysterious yet rather common way"

– Tess Castlemen

My dream for a long time has been to hold Sacred Dreaming Circles. These circles are designed to bring communal dreaming to benefit the participants and hopefully the community. If you have a keen desire to explore the language of the dream, to connect and support each other, then I ask you to trust that that quiet undertone of your soul that’s hungry to be understood.

The workshop will be limited to 6 participants for intimate container, inclusion and comfort. If you would be interested in this please let me know. Though working with dreams you listen to your bodies innate wisdom and the collective to unfold and embrace the process of moving towards wholeness. This work requires a commitment and openness. Some people might not be suitable because they’re too afraid to confront their ‘essential self’ that dream work demands so listen to what feels right for you.

“The more you work with your dreams and your unconscious, and honor it, the more you understand it and it understandsyou. When you develop a relationship with your psyche this way, you begin to carry that energy into life and your relationships.”
- Marion Woodman (via Eva Rider)

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