Honouring Your Story - Mental Health Week 

So as my mentor Cynthia Morton would say, I have been up to some 'secret squirrel' business! I am very humbled and grateful to be interviewed in her new project - Emotional Fitness Recovery Conversations "The shit in life we just don't talk about". This refreshing new community Web and Podcast Series features 20 inspirational Queenslanders in raw and real conversations exploring the complex and confusing topics in life that too many of us struggle to discuss, understand and fully recover from; challenges such as Anxiety, Divorce, Addiction, Trauma, Cancer, Eating Disorders, Suicide, Adoption, Grief, Depression, Social Media Obsession, Self-Harm, Parenting, Self-sabotage, Betrayal & Personal Boundaries. These are just a few of the riveting conversation topics this Web Series guests share about from their personal experiences in great depth and detail.

I met Cynthia over 14 years ago when my fragile mind and body walked through the doors of the Emotional fitness groups I was attending, I melted into her arms, soaked up the smell of her delicious perfume, her pink suit and flower pinned to it, lit up my being, I knew I wanted to be something like this woman. Coming from her own tragic past of 2 male elders raping her then to a suicidal teen, then drug and alcohol addict, I understood this woman's lingo, and heart. She spoke to me like no one else ever did. Not even a proper trained psychiatrist in whom I was seeing at the time had nothing on this woman and her ability to be transparent, no ego bullshit, straight shooter, raw vulnerable and courageous. She has written many books, has won lots of awards including Australian of the Year and has my utter respect and love hands down.

She saved my life, honestly. There was a point in my life where i was crippled with anxiety and depression, drinking a bottle of gin every day plus valium and life just got too much. I tried to commit suicide in August 2007. Apparently God had other plans for me as I woke up in a psych emergency unit only to be released the very next day. Only a week later I was planning to try again. I visited Cynthia that day and she looked at me with so much love and concern and said it would break her heart if I died not knowing my plan. Something happened inside for me in that moment. I mattered to someone. Someone cared if I was alive. Someone perhaps even loved me. I admitted myself into HADS that evening and even though I picked up again I put down the bottle and drugs since 11 December 2007.

Over the years I have been seeing Cynthia for her wisdom and attending her workshops, soaking up all that I can. I would often say to her, I want to do what you do, affect people's lives by speaking the truth. By not shoving shit under the carpet even if that means rejection from the people who would like for me to stay silent.

As I watched my interview with Cynthia I knew that what we were talking about needed to be out there, even if it only helps one person. All the years I have spent on the couch, breathwork sessions, all of that for the last 14 years will be worth it. I would haved loved to have had access to a podcast like this listening to someone brave enough to speak their truth when they were younger. I would have meant so much to me that they made a life of love and there was a way out.

So I invite you dear reader to come along to the launch on Friday 11 October 2019. There will be Brisbane Broncos Captain, Darius Boyd, Robin Bailey other media personalities, sporting professionals, mental health and wellbeing experts, and a diverse range of thought provoking, straight shooting Queenslanders discussing the shit we just dont talk about.

 Would love to see you there. If you would like to know more about Cynthia and subscribe to her daily word vitamins please go to www.cynthiamorton.com


"There is an important story needing to come through each of us....The only way a community can heal itself is to draw out the story coming through each individual. Only when we recognise the events of our lives, and of those who went before us, as leading us in a meaningful direction can we pick up the threads of our story in present time and weave it forward with common purpose."

                    - Tokopa Turner

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