My heartfelt wish for you 

I just finished watching this Youtube video of Diana Medina, one of the head trainers of Grof Transpersonal Training in whom I admire and respect so much. This woman has spent countless hours with me rolling around on the mat so to speak. I've learnt so much from her, her kindness, her passion, her integrity and respect.  

Recently I came into contact with someone I knew over 10 years ago. Having told this person what I've been up to in that time we hadn't spoken really made me realise how much I've changed. Ten years ago which would have been 2009, I was a few years sober, exercising before and after work and most of Saturday, smoking, eating disorders, so out of touch with my body, very traumatised, cutting myself and in a job I hated.

Watching this video brought tears to my eyes because it is TRUE what she says about the growth she witnesses in people coming to Holotropic breathwork. I found HB in 2011 and all the above mentioned things slowly fell away. I stopped smoking after that workshop, I quit my job which unfortunately made me bankrupt from all the overspending I did. I had no money, no SECURITY but I had the greatest gift given to me from that workshop and that was the ability to trust in the Great Mother to support me. I would lay the Earth and listen to her heartbeat. I would watch the sun going down and the magic of twilight bestow upon my dreams. There was now a great reverence for the mystical, for love and knowing that life did not have to be so HARD. I'm not saying I didn't experience some challenges, most people thought I was nuts, others I triggered something in them about their own security though learning to trust in a way I never thought possible. I was able to go overseas with selling what little I had left to continue the training and that was the best possible decision I made. AND I was always Divinely looked after.  

I met mind blowing people like Stan and Christina Grof, Tav & Cary Sparks, Diana Medina, Diane Haug, Holly Harman, Stacia Butterfield, Mireya Marcet, Christine Calvert, Robert Park, Vicky Nicholson and many more inspiring people of GTT. These people will always be my elders on the path and so very grateful to keep learning. My heart keeps chartering me on this path so I will listen.

So it is my heartfelt wish for you to find out about Holotropic Breathwork, read a little about it and see if it calls to you. It has honestly helped me just like Diana says in this video, be more comfortable in my body and just be a little more at ease in the world. Please come along to one of our workshops in Brisbane if it feels right for you, We would love for you to try it.

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